The Libertarian Majority for a Big-Tent LP

The Libertarian Reform Caucus is a coalition of freedom lovers who say the LP should unite all the voters who want both more personal liberty and more economic liberty behind the electoral choices that will most move public policy in a libertarian direction.

What's New

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Platform Committee Recommendations

What's Next

Mar 29 Virginia LP convention
Mar 29 Florida LP convention
Apr 4 Ohio LP convention
Apr 4-5 Missouri/Kansas LP convention
Apr 11 New Mexico LP convention
Apr 12 Wisconsin LP convention
Apr 13 N. Carolina LP convention
Apr 19 Alabama LP convention
Apr 19 Washington LP convention
Apr 19 Utah LP convention
Apr 26 Indiania LP convention
May 21 LPUS convention

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of the Libertarian Reform Caucus is to fix the LP platform so that enough people can agree that the Libertarian Party's solutions are the best. This is a necessary prerequisite to building a bigger party and winning elections.

Our Fundamental Purpose

We believe that America needs a real libertarian party, a party that promotes liberty while being conscious of political reality, a party designed to win elections and begin rolling back excess government now. In particular, the party needs a platform that unites libertarians rather than dividing them. Where a large fraction of libertarians disagree, the platform should be silent.

Our Platform Proposal

Our members on the LP Platform Committee have drafted a Pure Principles platform that recyles the best language of previous LP platforms to eloquently and elegantly describe what the Bylaws mean by "a libertarian direction" in public policy, stating for each issue a timeless principle that is consistent with both incremental reform and radical ultimate goals.


Who We Are

Anyone who agrees with the above Statement of Purpose is invited to join us. This includes:

  • Libertarian Party members who have grown tired of losing.
  • Former Libertarian Party members who got tired and left — but are considering returning if conditions improve.
  • Small-l libertarians who are considering joining the party if the party shows real interest in winning.
  • Small-l libertarians who are considering joining the party if the party backs off from some unacceptable positions.
  • Moderate libertarians who want to shrink government.
  • Radical libertarians who realize that to shrink government a lot, we must first shrink it a little.
  • Anarcholibertarians who realize that to eliminate government, we must first shrink it.

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